Introducing the Open Repeater Project

Where did this project come from?  Well, first off we are ham radio enthusiasts.  Technology is moving so fast and with the small board computers like the Raspberry Pi coming out with more and more processing power in a small board not much bigger than a credit card or post card you can do just about anything with very little space.

The days of custom designed circuitry for controlling radios is quickly coming to and end.  There are a number of open source packages available for amateur radio and our goal with this project is to take the best of the open source solutions and package them on to one or many different small board CPU’s.

There is also a need to design the physical interface between the software and the radio.  We want to make this entire project open source including the electronic designs and PCB designs that will be needed for the different CPU’s to interface with the radios.

This project is being sponsored by Genius Idea Studio, LLC.  GIS will provide support for any code, PCB design, etc.  GIS will also be responsible for maintaining the Github site.