RiotBoard Looks Promising

We have experimented with a number of different “development boards” like the Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Beaglebone Black, UDOO and more.  We recently starter playing with a RiotBoard.

Initially we were looking at the Raspberry Pi because it was a $35 device.  With the new B2 model out the CPU has been increased, however, even with the new Raspberry Pi you would still need a USB audio interface to get the audio in and out of the Raspberry Pi.

With the RiotBoard, you get a much faster CPU, more memory, built-in in and out audio plus you get some of the other nice features like i2c and SPI for developing external interfaces like button boards and LCD displays.  The RiotBoard also has serial interfaces and plenty of GPIO pins for interfacing with radios.

Our only concern with this board is it’s long term availability.  It is a new board from Element14 and may not have the same long term support as really popular boards like the Raspberry Pi.

It has always been our desire to provide multiple options for hardware for the Open Repeater Project.  This is a new one that we are really excited about.