New features added to svxlink

Hi there,

As you may have read in the hardware and software section, we are going start out with a base svxlink system.  This open repeater project is going to be open source just like svxlink is.  In fact, we are going to check with the developer for svxlink and see if he wants to keep a fork in his github of the changes we make to it.

Here is what we have changed so far in svxlink:

  • Added a 3rd IDENT, because the IDENTs in svxlink are SHORT_IDENT and LONG_IDENT, we decided to rename the IDENT’s to IDENT1, IDENT2, IDENT3.  For backward compatibility, if SHORT_IDENT is found in the config file, it sets the value for IDENT1 and likewise, if LONG_IDENT is found in the config file it sets the value for IDENT2.
  • IDENTs are now configurable with what is sent.  All 3 IDENTs have the same options.  To set the IDENT contents, in the config file there is a new Key/Value pair for each IDENT.  They are named IDENT1ITEMS, IDENT2ITEMS and IDENT3ITEMS.  For backward compatibility, if IDENT1ITEMS is missing it defaults to just the Callsign which is what svxlink did for the short ident.  If IDENT2ITEMS is missing it defaults to the Callsign and current time, just like the long ident in svxlink.  Here are the list of items that can be sent with each IDENT.  There are plans to add even more:
    • C = Callsign Spelled Phonetically
    • T = Time
    • F = Transmit Frequency
    • O = Offset / Input Frequency
    • S = CTCSS Tone
    • 1 thru 0 = Custom Message
  • Custom Messages can now be added and sent through either the IDENT or the scheduled events.  For now we are only using single digit numbers for messages but that can easily be expanded in the future if 10 custom messages is not enough.
  • We have added scheduled events / Messages to svxlink.  Currently we support up to 99 scheduled items, this will be expanded if needed.  Scheduled items must be in numerical order, we keep reading until the next number in line does not show up and we start at 1.  Scheduled events can be used for weekly net announcements, daily traffic nets, you name it.  We support 3 types of events:
    • One Time event: you must specify the date, time and either a custom message or pre-defined variables (see IDENTS above).
    • Daily Event: you must specify time of day and either a custom message id or pre-defined variables.
    • Weekly Event: you must specify the time of day, day of the week and either a custom message id or pre-defined variables.