Update on Hardware


A while back we talked about some of the different small board computers we were looking at.  We mentioned that we were excited about the RiotBoard because it has built in audio and does not require a USB based audio interface.

Well, the excitement over the RiotBoard has slowed down some.  The available OS’s are not quite stable enough yet for it, also, the performance does not seem as good as the new Raspberry Pi.  The cost of the RiotBoard is also about about 4 times the cost of a Raspberry Pi.  So for now, we are going to table this small board computer.  We may re-visit it later.

We also had the Open Repeater running on a beaglebone black, but the beaglebone only has one USB port.  If you have to use a USB audio interface and you want to use wireless (more on this coming soon) you need to add a USB hub which draws more power and make the wiring more complex and less reliable in the long run.

So for the time being, we are going to focus on the new model of the Raspberry Pi which is allowing us to run multiple repeaters from the one device.  We have designed interface boards and at this time we have only really tested the boards that are designed for the Raspberry Pi as well.  We are looking around for other solutions to the small board computers, there are some more expensive solutions that are more reliable for those repeaters that are going to be out by the tower in all kinds of weather.

We have added a really big new feature to the current build, we will be making that announcement soon too.

Look for a post from Cary sometime soon also with a video of the user interface, it is really cool!  If you have run repeaters in the past, you have never seen this much information or control.  And it works great over a low speed PACKET link too!

And our new feature make The Open Repeater project something that every Ham Operator will want in their shack.