D-Star and Some New Hardware

More cool stuff is in the works.  We have been playing with this for a little while now.  We have added D-star to the Open Repeater Project.  It is available to be used as a D-Star hotspot.  Plus we have 3D Printed a small case for it.

Let’s take a look:



We have it working right now with the DV-Mega Dual Band card for the Raspberry Pi (see photo above) and a DV AP from Internet Labs.



A view of the entire thing packaged in a 3d printed enclosure.  We are still working on different enclosure designs as well.

We are still looking into the ability to make a more powerful hotspot and maybe even a full duplex D-Star repeater.  That is down the road a bit yet though.

For now, we are having a blast playing with the D-Star integration.