Are you getting confused with all this new stuff?


I know we have been adding a bunch of things to the Open Repeater Project (ORP) recently and that can get confusing I know.

And we are not done adding things either, we have a couple more announcements coming up very soon of even more that has been added.

Let me start out by saying that we are not expecting anyone to install ORP and turn on every feature, in fact, the small devices like the Raspberry Pi could never handle that.

Our intention is to build an easy to install Swiss Army Knife for ham radio enthusiasts.  When you first install ORP it really does nothing.  Once you log into the web interface you select what features you want to use.  By default they are all turned off.  But our goal is to make it super simple to login and turn and setup what you want to use.

For example, I have a number of them running, one is running a D-Star hotspot, one is running my echolink hotspot, I have one setup as a mini 8 watt repeater in a pelican case for special events where we need something more than just simplex communication.  I also have one setup as a HSMM node (a feature we have not told you about yet).

For the cost of a Raspberry Pi (about $35) you can setup as many of these as you want to do different things, using the same very friendly user interface on all of them.

So just because it is all in there you do not have to use it 🙂  Should we rename it something like SAKFAR (Swiss Army Knife For Amateur Radio).  I think I still like the Open Repeater Project better :).