HSMM now in ORP


I have found that not many people have ever heard of HSMM.  HSMM stands for High Speed Multi-Media.  It is very similar to what most people know as Wifi today but uses the amateur radio bands.  In fact, it is so similar to Wifi that the hardware that is used for HSMM is actually used for Wifi.

So you may ask why even use HSMM?  There are a number of reasons, one, it uses different frequencies that Wifi which means you are unlikely to get interference from other Wifi hotspots, you can use full legal power and are not limited to the small 250mw of Wifi, you can go Miles, many Miles with some very inexpensive hardware.

Using HSMM does require you to have a license to use the 2.4 or 5 ghz amateur spectrum.  You also must make sure your call sign is being beaconed out every 10 minutes.

There are some limitations to HSMM over Wifi.  First, since you are following Part 97 rules you cannot encrypt any of the communications.  You are also not allowed to profit from it as well.  Remember all of the questions on your test of what you could and could not do, these rules apply here since you are using the amateur radio bands.

Ok, so much for the overview on HSMM, how does it work with ORP (Open Repeater Project).  It can be used in a number of ways.  First, it is just another option that can be turned on.  Another blade in the Swiss Army Knife (see my last post if you are wondering what I am talking about).

You can easily join ORP to an HSMM mesh, make it a gateway, make it a simple node, etc.  If you make it a node you can also turn on let’s say your D-Star hotspot and use HSMM as the link back to the internet.

Let’s say you have a large farm and you want to put a camera far out on the land, or maybe you have a hunting shack out in the woods and would like to have some communication out there.  Anywhere you want to link together via network 2 locations, you only need 2 Raspberry Pi’s, some very cheap wireless dongles and antennas and the FREE ORP.  In a few minutes you will have a functioning network up and running.

We have built the user interface into the same simple to use web interface as everything else.  You just turn it on.