Summertime Slump and a New Logo

You may have noticed that things have been kind of quite here on the Open Repeater Project web page.  We have been busy enjoying summer but things are getting done, just at a slower pace but that will soon change as the cold weather returns.

We wanted to thank everyone that checked in with us at the Berryville Hamfest.  There are 2 more that we are planning to attend this year before the hamfest season ends.

For those who saw us at Berryville, you might have noticed a new logo.  Deciding on a new logo is no easy task, we wanted a logo that would look good on the website but also just as good on stickers, shirts, etc as well as look good silk screened on hardware.  Plus, we are going to be offering downloadable 3D printable cases for the various solutions and want it to be easy to print and look good as well.

The logo we have selected has all of these features, so keep an eye out for the new logo.

Have a great rest of summer and check back for updates regularly, we are working on some implementation guides so we can publish them here so you can get a better understanding of how you can implement all of the features of ORP.