A few updates

Things are starting to pick back up, school is starting back up and as the weather gets colder we will start doing more with this project.  We have some very exciting updates that I cannot quite share yet but very soon.

I want to thank the folks that showed up on aug 15th at the RMARC in Ringwood, NJ and the Clark County Amateur Radio Ham Fair in Vancouver.  I wish I was personally there but both Bill and Bob said that they had a great time meeting the folks.  We also received great feedback on the features, the user interface and many more ideas.  Because we have live demonstrations, this was the first time some people ever keyed down on D-star or Echolink, very cool stuff!

Ok, for the updates, first, I have been told that the completion of the 501c3 is eminent. I cannot believe how long this takes.  So just a little bit longer and the donations will be tax deductible.

Update #2, We have had questions about purchasing t-shirts, etc.  The ones that we provided to Bill and Bob as well as the banners, cards and other literature that we provided at the ham fests were done by a local shop here in Maryland.  But, we created a store on spreadshirt with some swag on it.  You will see that link in the menu at the top.  By purchasing from that store you will be helping to support The Open Repeater Project.

I have 2 more hamfests to attend this year representing this project and there are a few others around too that will be attended.  We just sent the banner, literature, etc to someone in Florida that is going to start representing us and I think we may have one in Arizona too.

On some other good news, one of our beta (more like alpha) testers just installed 21 repeaters in our rack mount case as part of a public safety project, that is commitment!  It actually is a little scary because I am a perfectionist and I do not think it is ready for public beta yet, but this is putting us in the fire.

Keep an eye out here for some really cool updates and exciting new features we are working on.  Also keep an eye out for the public beta soon.