March 18, 2015

Get Involved

Hi there and thanks for showing some interest in getting involved.

We are always looking for people to get involved.  We love the Amateur Radio community and how everyone helps out everyone else and we want to instill that community into the development of the Open Repeater Project.  We will take everyone that wants to help, you may like to write documentation, are a coder and want help write some code, maybe you want to be a beta tester, we would love to have you involved in any way that you are comfortable.

Just for some background on what we are currently using:

  • Linux (or some form of it) is the base operating system
  • C/C++ is the base of most of the code
  • Python
  • EXTJS MVC Framework for the web interface
  • Some Shell Scripts
  • We are using a micro service architecture
  • We use Jira for tracking of bugs and planning.  We do AGILE development processes.
  • We use most of the Jira suite to track changes in Github, document the processes and do peer code reviews.

Just send a note to mike at if you are interested in getting involved.